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At New Jersey Driving School LLC, we believe in empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the roads safely and confidently. Established with a passion for excellence in driving education, we are committed to providing a premium learning experience for our students.

Join us on this exciting journey towards becoming a skilled and responsible driver. Your road to success begins at New Jersey Driving School!


Basic Package - 6 Hours

Starting From $285
  • 3 x 2 Hour Behind The Wheel Lessons
  • Pick Up & Drop Off Included
  • Save $30

Advanced Package - 10 Hours

Starting From $475
  • 5 x 2 Hour Behind The Wheel Lessons
  • Pick Up & Drop Off Included
  • Save $50

16yr Old PackagE (2hrs x 3)

Starting From$380
  • Vision Test
  • Knowledge Test (extra $30 fee)
  • 6 Hours of Behind The Wheel Lessons (3 x 2 hour lessons)
  • Permit Validation

16yr Old PackagE (3hrs x 2)

Starting From$350
  • Vision Test
  • Knowledge Test (extra $30 fee)
  • 6 Hours of Behind The Wheel Lessons (2 x 3 hour lessons)
  • Permit Validation


16 Year Old Program

A complete Driver Education Program, including: Vision Test, Knowledge Test, 6hrs of Behind The Wheel lessons and Permit Validation

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Driving Lessons

Professional English and Español Driving Lessons with our qualified instructors. Includes pick up from home/work/school.

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Road Test Services

Includes pick upfrom home/work/school, optional brushup lesson for 30 minutes, and transport to the DMV location for their driving test in the instructors vehicle.

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Why Choose Us

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Expert Male & Female Instructors

Our team of certified and experienced driving instructors is dedicated to ensuring that you receive top-notch training.

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Comprehensive Curriculum

Our thoughtfully designed curriculum covers all aspects of safe driving, from the fundamentals to advanced techniques. We prioritize practical, hands-on learning to ensure you're well-prepared for real-world driving situations.

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Our Vehicles

New Jersey Driving School boasts modern and well-maintained training vehicles equipped with the latest safety features.

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Flexible Scheduling

We understand that life is busy, and everyone has a unique schedule. That's why we offer flexible class timings and personalized lesson plans to accommodate your needs; we are open 7 days a week!

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Focus on Safety

Safety is our top priority. Our instructors are trained to instill a safety-first mindset in all our students. We believe that responsible driving habits contribute to a safer community for everyone.

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Fully Licensed

New Jersey Driving School is one of the best driving schools in New Jersey, offering exceptional service to our students. We believe in top quality instruction that goes far beyond our customers expectations.

What People Say About Us

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I passed my road test with ease today thanks to instructor Felipe. He was really caring and helped me overcome my driving anxiety completely. Words can't explain how grateful and happy I am right now. I highly recommend this driving school and Instructor Felipe to anyone looking for trustworthy and professional driving school.


My driving instructor was Felipe for me completing my 6 hours. he genuinely helped me a lot and brought a lot of confidence in me when it came to driving. he gave me good tips and advice on how to do certain things. my friends also got him and they also really found him super helpful. i highly recommend!!

kiah mehta

I really grateful for the instructor that I had today Amber is one of the best teacher that you can have at your side, I passed my drive test, and I can say that my instructor was 100% effective to me for pass the exam, thank you, and thank you for the costumer service that works excellent

Alan Ariel

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