Road Test Services

New Jersey Driving School LLC cannot and does not guarantee that the Student will successfully pass the examination given by the Division of Motor Vehicle; however, we agree to exert our best efforts in teaching the "Student" to meet the requirements of the examination and prepare you for test success.

With possible computer issues and often extensive wait time to process a license at the NJMVC/DMV agency, New Jersey Driving School LLC  is unable to assist with the processing of the license.

The client is responsible for bringing all the required documentation for their road test. New Jersey Driving School LLC will provide the car insurance, Decals (if needed), and registration, but will not be responsible for "The Student" having all of the necessary documentation. For a list of the required documentation, visit the NJMVC website. Any missing documentation, testing restrictions, or information leading to a “Non Test Scenario,” will not result in a refund or discount for future service.
Missing/Expired written test card (H.S.W.)  Please note that if a test was assigned and was not taken it is counted as a missed Road Test. If the student is now 18 years old the NJ Knowledge Exam has to be retaken. 

All fees for services are required to be paid before the road test is taken. 
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