Option B: Young Adult Road (17-20yr old)

Behind The Wheel Program for 17-21 year olds

Gear up for a safe and exciting driving adventure with our specially crafted 17-21-Year-Old Program at New Jersey Driving School. Designed for aspiring young drivers, this package is the perfect gateway to gaining essential driving skills and knowledge. Our packages includes:

This program includes

  • (6) Hours of Behind The Wheel Instruction
  • Dual Controlled Vehicle
  • Purchase Learners Permit
  • Vision Test Service
  • Knowledge Test if needed ($30 extra fee)
  • Permit Validation with NJ MVC
  • Road Test Scheduled with NJ MVC


From $380

After purchasing your package, please Contact Us to book.

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PrOGram Highlights

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our engaging curriculum covers everything from road rules to defensive driving, ensuring a well-rounded foundation for young drivers.
  • Patient and Experienced Instructors: Our certified instructors are experienced in working with young learners, providing patient and personalized guidance to build confidence behind the wheel.
  • Training Vehicles: Practice in modern, age-appropriate vehicles equipped with the latest safety features. We prioritize a comfortable and secure learning environment for our young drivers.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage in interactive learning sessions that make acquiring driving knowledge enjoyable and effective. Our goal is to foster responsible and safe driving habits from the start.
  • Parental involvement: We encourage parental involvement in the learning process. Stay informed about your teen's progress and be a part of their exciting journey toward becoming a responsible driver.

Why choose our 16 year old program

  • Early Confidence Building: Instill confidence in your teen's driving abilities early on, setting the stage for a lifetime of safe driving habits.
  • Focused Education: Our program specifically addresses the needs and challenges faced by young drivers, ensuring they are well-prepared for the responsibilities of the road.
  • Safety First: Emphasizing safety is our priority. Equip your teen with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the roads responsibly.

Enroll your 17-21-year-old in New Jersey Driving School Behind the Wheel Driver Program — where safety meets excitement on the road to driving independence.

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